Dark Tide

The Story So Far

A cleric of Moradin came to you all for help in the south. He foretold of a great evil being unleashed that only you could prevent from being unleashed. Upon his request you traveled south down the river that bisects Fallcrest to the port city of Anchorhead. Along the way you encountered some resistance such as river-bandits and owlbears(bowel-bears), but more importantly you encountered a group of undead assassins that were ordered to kill you by some figure named Ingtar Fain. When you finally reached Anchorhead you learned some interesting historical background of the region. apparently, the group of archipelagos that is off the eastern shore of Anchorhead was home to an ancient civilization of people who researched heavily into the many properties of magic. This civilization was of course mysteriously destroyed as that tends to be the common case for civilizations that deal with powerful things. Sharl ( Paul’s Character) was also able to confirm his suspicions, via the library of the mage’s guild in anchorhead, that the ancient civilization was tampering with a font of magical energy whose source came from one of the world’s ley lines.

After some more investigation it was found that an advisor to one of the counselors(political leader) of Anchorhead was none then than Ingtar Fain. After showing the note marking the War Elephant’s (the adventuring group’s name) demise, which was signed by Ingtar, to the council of Anchorhead, you were tasked with bringing Ingtar to justice. Unfortunately the first encounter with ingtar did not go as planned. He escaped, but it was revealed that he was either a demon or he is missing in action and a demon took his place for some unknown period of time. It was also revealed that he was heading to an island where the ancient people experimented on the font of ley line magic.

The islands themselves are a very dangerous place but also have the potential to relinquish many treasures. As such, many have come exploring from island to island but very, very few have returned to tell their tales. What this meant for you all is that knowledge of the ley line island is very hard to find. In pursuit of that information you hooked up with a pirate captain who agreed to help guide you to that island but only if you helped him become the new pirate king. a few dead pygmies later and the ley line island was in sight but the small matter of dealing with a huge kraken needed to be overcome before you could make landfall.

Once on the island you were able to overcome some giant ogres and in the process incite a little rebellion with the local tribe there. the very last thing you all did was intercept a couple of enemy ogres as they headed back towards their village to join in the little civil uprising taking place. You were all heading towards what looked like a temple built in the mountainous inner regions of the island and were warned of ancient guardians who may not take kindly to strangers in sacred spaces.



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