Dark Tide

The Giant and Two New Allies

After making short work of the two unsuspecting ogres, the adventurers headed up into the mountains. A few hours of following the wide mountain trail led the War Elephants to, what looked like, a gigantic statue blocking the trail. On further inspection the statue was some sort of construct creature undoubtedly built by the “Ancients”

The scene before the war elephants was quite peculiar. A huge construct which had some sort of pedestal in front of it with rubble and broken statues surrounding the area. The ever-curious Sharl took it upon himself to inspect the pedestal. As it turned out, it was some sort of interface platform that let whoever stood on the platform control the construct…or so Sharl thought. The platform ended up allowing the Construct to control Sharl and communicate through him.

Thanks to some quick thinking and much quicker movement, Hamfist was able to knock Sharl off the platform. As the construct proceeded to attack because of that interruption, Beorin became aware that some necrotic force was corrupting the construct to attack and kill any who would force their way in here, no matter their motives.

As Hamfist took on the huge monster, the others were able to successfully remove the necrotic corruption and convince the guardian that they are on a just quest. The construct was more than happy to help at that point and it even presented the opportunity to add two allies to this quest. After some heated discussion and a bit of a scuffle, Sharl was down one potential minion and up two more allies!



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