Dark Tide

Victory Ever After

With Ingtar Fain defeated and a new guardian in place, the War Elephants successfully averted a huge crisis. The riches and power the band has sought for so long is finally in hand. What will everyone do now that they are known among many as legends and grand heroes? How will the mounds of gold and gems and jewels be spent?

I leave it to all of you war elephants to send me an e-mail with what your character would do after you have gained grand notoriety and individual fortunes to make yourself a noble or even king of a very small area.

My intent here is to forward the timeline a year or two and see where you all would be and what sort of problems you might run into. Don’t worry about the specifics of money and particular magical items you may have gained when you think of the things you may have done. I would like you to keep any significant events within a regional context, that is, don’t create a story for yourself where you somehow rule the world. we’ll keep that for the epic tier.

I encourage you guys to talk with each other when planning this but to e-mail me with your final ideas. If you need reminders about your previous exploits and areas you visited, let me know. If anyone is having trouble coming up with an idea or would like to work with someone on kingdom building, I know Joe put forth some really good ideas and you may want to talk with him. When thinking of ideas keep in mind that everyone will have to gather back together to go on another adventure so don’t cement yourself to one area or do anything in general to fuck up the group dynamics anymore than you may have already. If you’re not sure what that might be, talk with me or send me an e-mail.

Some questions you may want to answer are:

How do you deal with your new found powers?
Where do you go or visit and why?
What have you bought with your fortune(reminder you’re not the richest person in the world)?
Who have you met within this time? What relationships have you developed? Here’s a chance to create some interesting underlings if you want some
What sort of relationship have you kept with the others of your adventuring party?



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