Dark Tide


After becoming acquainted with the Drow and Half-Orc heroes, the party continued down the path to the Temple of the Leyline. Thankfully, as the path led through a cave there were no creatures lurking in the darkness.

When the War Elephants came to the end of the cave’s path they saw that they were now on the outskirts of what looked like some sort of caldera. In the distance was a temple that spewed smoke from its top-most point. The entire caldera was also filled with sand but, that was not the only thing it was filled with. It wasn’t long before the adventurers observed many monstrous-sized worms jutting in and out of the sand. It would be no easy task to trek across a wasteland filled with these behemoths.

As time pressed on the party to move, a gambit was decided upon to make the roughly 2 mile trek across the worm-ridden land. With the knowledge gain from observations made earlier, the heroes ran headlong into the dangerous sands.

The worms were in for quite the surprise. The heroes created diversions to confuse the sightless beasts so that the exact location of the party could not be determined. As the writhing masses of worms moved about them the heroes successfully navigated the chaos. About halfway through their mad dash a great tremor erupted from the earth and kicked up a sandstorm. Luckily the Half-Orc was able to keep the party together with quick thinking and a rope with a grapple hook at the end.

The War Elephants arrived at the temple just in time to see the sands surrounding the temple turn to a gargantuan pit filled with lava awaiting anything that fell. The mote of earth on which they stood was thankfully connected to 4 titanic metal chains that help the land aloft the pit of lava.



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